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Tiny Ballet


Ballet for 2 - 4 year olds. Providing an introduction to ballet before entering in the the examination syllabuses to follow.  

RAD Pre-Primary and Primary Ballet


The first of the Royal Academy of Dance levels Pre-Primary in Dance is a Class Award Syllabus for Children ages 4.5 and above.

Primary is the first Royal Academy of Dance examination suitable for children aged 6 and above. 

These classes are useful in helping children achieve physical landmarks in development students also learn different rhythms and get to use their imagination in these classes to come up with their own dance as a class.

RAD Graded Ballet

IMG_0890 2.jpg

The Royal Academy of Dance Graded Syllabus starts with Grade 1 where Character Dancing is introduced. The Students enjoy the introduction of character skirts. Through character dancing students learn about the national dances in Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Italy and Spain they also have the chance to learn about the different costumes worn by dancers in these countries and the history within the country.

RAD Vocational Ballet

Advanced Photo by Graham Read; courtesy of RAD.jpg

The Royal Academy of Dance Vocational Sylabus is suitable for students aged 11 and above who want to progress in their ballet training either as a hobby or to dance professionally

Pre-Pointe Classes


Pre Pointe Classes are essential for ensuring students progress slowly and safely onto pointe. Pre-pointe classes usually are taken for 6 - 18 months.

Pre Pointe Assessments


Pre-pointe assermente are essential to determine whether a student has sufficient strength and mobility for pointe work.

Pointe Classes

Ballet shoes Photo by Mark Lees; courtesy of RAD.JPG

Pointe Classes build strength as students start their pointe work in their first 6 months at the barre to ensure proper technique is trained from the outset and then slowly progress into the centre at a pace that is suitable for each individual student as pointe work should not be rushed to ensure safety and that students have a greater understanding of the muscles needed to perform each individual movement

Progressing Ballet Technique


Progressing Ballet Technique is useful in helping the students gain the strength required for ballet. It also helps with other dance styles a student may be taking part in. Progressing Ballet Technique helps students achieve their personal best in ballet technique and performance.

ISTD Modern Theatre


At En Pointe Theatre Arts Students follow the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance Modern Theatre Syllabus from the age of 4 starting with the primary class test then progressing onto grade 1 continuing through the grades and vocational examination up to Advanced 2. 


IMG_0824 2.HEIC

Students study tap with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance syllabus from the Age of 4 starting with Pre-Primary progressing through the grades and vocational levels up until advanced 2. Students enjoy tap dancing and making different rhythms with their feet. ​

ISTD Contemporary


 Contemporary is the newest of the Imperial Society of Dance examination syllabuses and is currently available for students 11 and above. Commencing at Intermediate foundation level. 

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