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Our Approach to Dance Education

At En Pointe Theatre Arts we believe dance is for everyone and that everyone is a star.


En Pointe Theatre Arts uses a holistic style of dance teaching ensuring safety through dance.  Creating educated and talented dancers who are aware of their own body.

En Pointe follows the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus for Ballet as well as the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing Syllabus for Tap, Modern and Contemporary. Students are given the opportunuity to take examinations with the Royal Academy of Dance and Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing helping them to see their own progress within dance being rewarded.

Miss Danielle

Miss Danielle Emms Principal
RAD Registered Teacher
ISTD Registered Teacher
Progressing Ballet Technique Certified Teacher
First Aider

Miss Danielle grew up in Cardiff, South Wales and started attending dance classes at the age of three. As Miss Danielle got older she started to gain a keen interest in teaching dance as such she began assistant teaching within younger RAD ballet classes at the Barrinowsky School of Dance and then at the New Dance School and Turning Pointe School of Dance. 

Miss Danielle attended weekly musical theatre classes at the Mark Jermin Stage School as well as summer schools with Ballet West Scotland. 

Miss Danielle has recently completed her studies with Royal Academy of Dance on the Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies under the watchful eye of Louise Mellin at Mellin Theatre Arts in Swansea. Miss Danielle has also be awarded full teaching membership with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing.  She looks forward to sharing her knowledge and understanding of ballet technique with her students. 

Miss Danielle has also recently completed a pointe performance and safety course. Where she learnt about the anatomical aspects of the hip, leg, ankle and foot in relation to pointe work. Miss Danielle hopes that by passing this knowledge onto her student they will be able to enjoy dance in a safe way whether students learn for fun or to have a professional career within dance. 



En Pointe Theatre Arts provides a professional standard of training within a safe and inclusive environment for students of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Dance classes at En Pointe Theatre Arts, are structured around each individual's needs, both anatomically and physically, to enable every student to improve and reach their personal best in technique in preparation for examination and performance.


Core Values:



Self Confidence

Self Belief





Safe Dance Practices

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